Erich Retzlaff & Hans Saebens in the School of Art Collection

Over the summer hardworking art interns and museum staff at Aberystwyth University's School of Art have been updating the searchable database of our collection. Of specific relevance to me are the images by 'Völkisch' photographers Erich Retzlaff (1899-1993) and Hans Saebens (1895-1969). In 2012 I discovered and added 30 Retzlaff prints to the collection with support funding from the ArtFund and the V&A (a collection that has since been significantly enhanced through generous donations by Retzlaff's daughters Bettina Retzlaff-Cumming and Dr. Anna-Claudia Guimbous). In 2014 I received further funding from the ArtFund and the V&A to add 70 Hans Saebens photographs to the collection.

Thank you Melanie Howard (Trainee Curator and Art Technician) and graduate intern Eleanor West for all their hard work on making the collection visible for visitors to discover online!

[images courtesy Eleanor West]

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