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The Horror Beneath

In 1977, Clive Wingood, a comfortably successful estate agent in a backwater English shire, finally sells an historic manor house that, despite its beauty, location and pedigree, had sat festering in the company’s ‘portfolio’ for several long years. The eventual buyer of the old house is a West-German celebrity-author, Konstantin von Hallerstein. But to Wingood’s dismay, only weeks after the completion of the sale, the German vanishes, and the police suspect foul play. When the normally prosaic Wingood begins having nightmares about the house, he decides that he must put the matter to rest once and for all. But Wingood experiences something at the house that almost drives him to madness. On an impulse, he reaches out for help to an author of local history and folklore, Jack Antrobus. Together, Wingood and Antrobus begin investigating the circumstances of von Hallerstein’s disappearance. It is a journey that leads them inexorably back to Marchley Howe and the horror that lies waiting beneath its ancient foundations.

Available now on AMAZON (Worldwide)

and at The Bizarchives (US)


The war is over, the Blight has receded and a brutal new authority rules over all Albion. But order demands conformity. The so-called Michaelmas Oddities are different, a folktale come to life, genetic misfits whose uncanny powers are both feared and coveted by the new regime. This is the story of John Gabriel - the dreamer seeking a myth - and Edith Blake - the rich girl rejecting conformity. Theirs is a tale that is woven between realms of concrete reality and darkly strange 'otherworlds'. They must overcome challenges that will push them to the limits of endurance and sanity if they are ever to unravel the supernatural mystery that lies at the core of their being. But their enemies are closing in and they are hunted without mercy by both the living and the dead.


ARVA, VALA, DEVA are the three chronicles of ALBION.

Albion is on AMAZON as a paperback and as a Kindle edition

The Bizarchives - Issue 4

C. P. Webster's short story 'The Reliquary' is included in this incredible anthology of new tales of weirdness, terror and the strange the Bizarchives 4.


The Bizarchives is all about 'Weird Tales of Monsters, Magic and Machines' and the Bizarchives book series brings fresh, new works of pulp fiction directly to the public.

In the US get the Bizarchives 4 here

And in the UK get it here on Amazon

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