Blood, Soil, and Social Commentary: Photographers of the 'Nazi' Revolution

I am working on several research projects at the moment including an article for the respected research journal The Fenris Wolf (more on that in a later post); writing and editing a book for the publishers Bloomsbury (Photography in the Third Reich, 2019) and, curating an exhibition of work from our collection (A Radical Tradition - set to open in 2019). There is a conceptual thread that connects all of these projects in that I am looking at aspects of photographic making just prior to and during the Third Reich in relation to body, face, dress, race, tradition. It's common knowledge that Germany became a master in utilising many modern forms of communication in its efforts to promote the im

Photography 'Untimely Meditations'

I begin teaching the History of Photography again tomorrow. This semester I will once more be returning to the beginnings of the medium through to the mid-Twentieth century and exploring the impact and effect that this strangest of nineteenth century inventions brought to the world. I first began talking about this relatively specialist history back in 1991. As a young part-time lecturer/postgraduate I was using the books and knowledge I had gathered trying to convey more about my own enthusiasm for the medium as much as technical facts and the onerous weight of history. As a postgraduate I was still trying to negotiate a path through the dark jungle of the past myself. In those days I was p

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