Saturday's Vintage Negatives ...

As term-time approaches again one of the things I am looking forward to (as well as meeting all our new students!) is getting back into my routine of working with our Collection once more. Most Saturday mornings during university teaching semesters you can find me in the darkroom printing vintage negatives. In November 2015 Dr. Anna-Claudia Guimbous, daughter of the German photographer Erich Retzlaff (1899-1993), donated to the School of Art Collection over 1000 photographic negatives of her father’s work that she had recently discovered stored in her basement - proving once more that there are still exciting discoveries out there to be made for photo-history. An important additional point i

30 years ago ...

30 years ago this year I first became a student of photography. Of course I had made photographs before then, but in 1986, as a 20 year old first year student, I really began to consider just what photography was or what it had been and what it might be. The course I had joined was based at the School of Art and Design of the Vaal Triangle Technikon (today the Vaal University of Technology) in the Transvaal, South Africa. I was fortunate. My lecturers were talented and encouraging and my peers were great to be around. Not only did I learn technical skills but we were pushed to be creative. Photographic Science and Theory were embedded in the course as was the History of Photography. This was

Erich Retzlaff & Hans Saebens in the School of Art Collection

Over the summer hardworking art interns and museum staff at Aberystwyth University's School of Art have been updating the searchable database of our collection. Of specific relevance to me are the images by 'Völkisch' photographers Erich Retzlaff (1899-1993) and Hans Saebens (1895-1969). In 2012 I discovered and added 30 Retzlaff prints to the collection with support funding from the ArtFund and the V&A (a collection that has since been significantly enhanced through generous donations by Retzlaff's daughters Bettina Retzlaff-Cumming and Dr. Anna-Claudia Guimbous). In 2014 I received further funding from the ArtFund and the V&A to add 70 Hans Saebens photographs to the collection. Thank you

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